Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Little LA in UT

Some friends I made this summer in LA came to Utah to visit me this week. It was so great to see them again. We had so much fun! I dominated Tucker and Rodrigo in Monopoly, Domino Train, and Tubing Races which was awesome! We also had a little facebook fun! In the 4 days they were here we went tubing at Soldier Hollow, hung out at Temple Square (toured the conference center, saw the Christmas lights @ the temple, and ate at this awesome Italian pizza place), played laser tag, realized we were old farts at jump on it, saw 500 days of summer at the dollar theater, played a bunch of games @ my apartment, ate @ In-N-Out, Tucker read a book & cried while V & I laughed silently, stayed up late and slept in late (always great!), played in IKEA (mistletoe!), toured BYU, and basically realized we are quite the dynamic trio. Here are some pictures so sum up the week.