Sunday, October 31, 2010

Don't Worry.... I'm still alive

For all those who actually read my blog, so really just my parents every now and then and those people who blogstalk when they're bored, I'm still here. And since I haven't written in over a month and a half I'm just going to give a brief overview of the past 6 weeks and hopefully be better at writing going forward.

I survived my first busy season as a public accounting work at PwC. Work is good, it kinda takes over my life which I hate, but I don't know what else I'd be doing right now otherwise, so I guess it's ok. With busy season I worked SO much it was ridiculous. I pulled a couple of 4am mornings after working all day and even one where I worked from midnight till 8am to meet a deadline. Anyways those days are over, at least for now I hope.

Oh I almost forgot..... Happy Halloween! I usually say I hate Halloween, but that's just because I think this holiday is more fun spent with little kids who dress up and go trick-or-treating. I'm not so into dressing up or going to big Halloween parties, BUT I did realize there are a few things I really LOVE about Halloween. First off, I love SCARY MOVIES. This is hampered a little by the fact I don't watch R-rated movies, but there are still a lot of good and scary pg-13 movies out there and I love watching them! Also, I love HAUNTED ANYTHING! Yesterday me, B-ray, and Emma went to a haunted hayride at Griffith park. IT WAS SO FUN! Emma & B were freaked out and either curled up in a ball (B) or laying flat out on a strangers lap (E). I still can't get over how scary and awesome it was. The clowns were the best! I can't wait till next year to go again!! Another thing I really enjoy about Halloween is pumpkin carving. I carved two this year and loved them both. I also kinda started a tradition of carving or putting a G somewhere on my pumpkin. I didn't really intend on having this be a tradition but I'm kind of obsessed with the letter G, go figure, and realized I've put one on all my pumpkins for the past couple of years. So... go G! I also really like haunted houses and haunted cornmazes, I didn't do either of those this year, but that is the part of Halloween I really like.

Tuesday is election day and can I just say I can't wait for it to be over! The campaigns are so awful and definitely not inspiring at all. Who wants to vote for someone who is so negative and flagrant with the truth. There are a few adds I really can't stand. One is where the candidate says she oppose her party if she needs to - way to instill hope from the party you're supposed to be representing. I also hate when they have adds that are super degrading of the other candidates and then at the end come onscreen all happy saying they support that message. I want a politician who doesn't spend the whole campaign time tearing their opponents down, but rather building themselves up and stating their opinions on the real issues.

I'm still loving LA. I miss my friends and family LIKE CRAZY though. I'm so looking forward to Thanksgiving to be able to go home and see my family and just chill for a few days. But, you know what I really love about LA.... yesterday, 2 days before November, I was able to lay out by the pool for a couple of hours and it was totally hot! Then I went to run some errands in shorts and a short-sleeve t-shirt and flip-flops and was hot so I had to blast the A/C in my car. Ahhhh just another great day in LA.

Anyways, it's sad to report, but I think that just about catches anyone reading this up on the past month and a half of my life. More updates to come...