Sunday, May 8, 2011

I got it from my Momma

I was thinking today about my mom and about all the traits I really admire about her, all the lessons she's taught me, and some of my favorites memories. So I've decided to share some of those thoughts with the blogging world along with some photos of her (and me).

All growing up and throughout high school my mom totally supported me and attended all my games and performances. There were very few times she wasn't there. It meant so much to me to look into the stands she see her. Through 8 years of Super Steppers, one year in Encore Entertainment, and a year of horse back riding my mom was always there encouraging me. I'm sure it was boring at times to see the same thing every week at football and basketball games I was cheering at, but she was still there wearing her cheer mom shirt and clapping along. Thanks Mom for always supporting me!

My mom is super crafty. He can paint, sew, cross-stick, crochet, knit, to name a few. I wish I was as even a fraction as talented as she is with all this stuff. Growing up our house was always decorated with crafts my mom had made, something I hope to replicate in my future home. Thanks Mom for trying to teach me some of your crafty ways!

She is brown. This is something I am particularly jealous of. I spend every summer trying to become more like her in this regard. One day maybe I can .... no actually I will never be brown like her, but a girl can hope. Thanks Mom for keeping me jealously working towards a goal!

My mom taught me a lot of things growing up. She taught me the importance of being independent, the value of keeping things clean and taking care of your stuff, and the difference the little things can make. Dirty dishes were never left in the sink overnight, Saturday was cleaning day, and I knew how to do my own laundry from a very young age. Although I don't always love these traits they have had a very valuable and lasting impact on my life which I am grateful for. Thanks Mom for everything you've taught me!

My mom taught me the value of a getting an education. When I was in elementary/middle school my mom went back to college to get a degree. I would go with her to her night classes sometimes and sit outside the classroom and wait for her. She always pushed me in school to do my best and achieve as much as possible. I remember in 7th grade I was having a really hard time understanding the concept of negative numbers. (How could such a thing exist?!) I remember sitting at the kitchen table while my mom explained the concept to me in a way I actually understood. Finally it all made sense and math became one of if not my best subject in school/life. Thanks Mom for helping me achieve so much!

As a kid we didn't have sprinklers in the front yard, so this meant my mom would go out and water the plants and trees in the yard. While watering the plants she would also give our bedroom windows a little spray down. When not expecting this, the sound of water coming from a hose sprinkler and hitting a window can be quite startling. And since this usually happened around bedtime when we were sure to be in our rooms I have many of these memories. Thanks Mom for keeping us on edge!

One of my favorite childhood memories involves a food fight at dinner one night. I'm not sure how the rest of the food fight went, but I remember the ending. Mom was chased from the kitchen, down the hallway, through her bedroom, and into the master bathroom where she hoped in the shower to try to avoid what was coming only to end up having the big water pitcher dumped on her. Thanks Mom for all the fun times!

My Mom and I have a very unique relationship and one aspect I've really appreciated is the fact that I can tell my Mom anything. It didn't matter if it was about boys, friends, work, school drama I knew/know I can always talk to her about it. In high school I would sometimes sneak out of my friend's house when we had sleepovers. This was always super innocent and we usually just met up with people at Denny's at 2am, cuz it's St. George and we were good kids but I would always tell my Mom the next day. I liked that I didn't have to keep secrets from her and I wasn't worried about her overreacting because she knew me well enough to trust me. Thanks Mom for always being there to talk to!

The summers after my Sophomore & Junior years at BYU my Mom and I went on a road trip to visit my oldest sister in Temecula, CA. A particularly fond memory from these trips involves my Mom giving her interpretation of what the dance described in the song "Lean Like a Cholo" was. All I can say is the woman's got moves! Thanks Mom for the road trip memories!

Another fun memory from these road trips was simply laughing. Whether it's rocking out the Hairspray, taking stupid photos in the car/everywhere, or just joking about trying to see some celebrities when we pull up to fancy houses these trips were full of a lot of laughter and it's always good to hear my Mom genuinely let got and enjoy herself. Thanks Mom for the laughs!

Growing up and being in dance since preschool I've always been able to do the splits. Not a big surprise. What was surprising was my mom stretching out with us in the living room of our house and then proceeding to do the splits and be able to go down flat. Impressive to say the least. Thanks Mom for keeping me stretching so I can do the same with my kids one day!

Growing up my family went on a lot of vacations to California and almost always went to the beach. The beach trips were a blast! We'd dive through the waves, try to swim out to be the furthest person out in the water, collect seashells, build sand castles, etc. It was always a fun and carefree time and I knew my Mom would be sitting on her beach chair watching us and making sure everything was safe. Thanks Mom for always looking out for me!

Hands down the most important thing my mom has taught me has been the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the great blessing it is to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Every week my mom got us up and ready to go to church and supported and helped us when we were asked to speak or fulfill various callings. She made sure our blessings, baptisms, seminary graduations, endowments, and other significant church events were specials days for us and she was there celebrating with and supporting us the whole time. Of all the amazing things you've taught me, this by far means the most. Thank you for going to church with your neighbor friend as a kid. Thank you for getting baptized even though your parents weren't members. Thank you for meeting and marrying Dad in the temple so our family was able to have the Gospel in our lives and the opportunity to be together again throughout eternity. Thank you for being my escort last December. Thanks Mom for helping me develop my testimony!

Thanks for everything Mom!
I love you & Happy Mother's Day!