Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another great week in the big city

Time is flying by so quickly which is making me extremely sad. When I first moved to LA all I thought about was my friends back in Provo and just wanting to be back there hanging out with everyone again. But the longer I'm here the more I love it in LA and dread having to move away in a month. Anyways, this has been a fun week and here's why.

First off my internship midpoint review was this week. I was nervous of course but my coach and I had a chance to talk about things on Thursday and he made it seem like everything went well. All my performance reports I got back from people I've worked with were pretty positive and while there are some things for me to work on it appears that I'm on the track to being an associate. So I was obviously really excited to hear that! Of course it's no guarantee but it was nice to know I'm not a complete failure.

Also on Thursday my group of interns, the blue group, decided we would all wear blue to show our group spirit. With the exception of a couple missing people here are the interns I work in the conference room with. The blue group is awesome. We have dance parties during our break and just have a good time working together. Also I believe this is my first picture I've taken this summer since moving to LA!

On Friday we had our first "Intern Friday Activity" We went on a double-decker bus tour of Hollywood and then had some time at the Kodak Theater shopping area and then went to the Grove's farmer's market for lunch. Minus the fact that my GPS lied to me about how to get to Griffith Park where we were meeting resulting in me totally being late (no real biggie) it was a fun and very hot day. Nothing like getting paid for a full day of work when you just hang out with friends, are fed breakfast and lunch, get a tour of the town, wear normal clothes, and are only there for like 6 hours. Loved it.

Also this week my parents came into town. It was really nice seeing family again. Friday afternoon my parents came up from Anaheim and saw my apartment for the first time as well as my office building and the streets I walk home from work on. This was to ease my mom's fears of my dieing in LA I think. Anyways, after that my mom and I went to Downtown Disney (I have now been there like 3 times or so since I've moved here and I might actually be going again this weekend, we will see....) and my dad just chilled at the hotel. Saturday Chel came up from Oceanside and we all went to my favorite beach ever (and yes another one to add to my list) BOLSA CHICA. Although we didn't get to the beach till kinda late I still totally got a sunburn in the backseat of my parents' convertible. Once we were at the beach though my dad and I played in the water for a while. It was way fun. After the beach we went down to Newport Beach and ate at the Spaghetti Factory down there. Mmmm so good.

Today at church was kind of exciting as well cuz guess who I saw as I walked in the doors of the building..... Dr. Robert Ray from Dr. 90210. Apparently he goes to church in the same building as I do. Weird I know. Also the girl from Center Stage 2 is totally in my ward as well. Oh LA, gotta love it - and I do.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

3 more beaches added to the list

Since it was a holiday weekend I had an extra day off and you know what that means....... another day for the beach. This weekend I was able to get 3 different beaches in my list of ones visited this summer - and yes, I'm keeping an actual list. Friday I hung out with my friend from work, Elizabeth, and we went to Point Magoo (I think that was the name of the beach) during the day, and then headed up to Camarillo to shop at the outlets. What I learned from that day, I love the Banana Republic Outlet and I also love the Burbank area. If I end up staying in this area forever then that's definitely somewhere I'd consider living.

On the 4th I went with my roomies to "Huntington Beach" or so we thought. After spending a couple of hours with just our little group laying out on the beach we decided we should meet up with the rest of the people that we knew that were on the beach. It wasn't until then that we realized we were nowhere near the other people and we also couldn't see the pier. This is when one of the girls asked somewhere where we were and we found out we were actually at Sunset Beach. So then we all got back in the car drove down the coast until we hit Huntington. *Side note: It was during this trip down the coast that I discovered the location of my favorite beach from childhood. That's right.... Bolsa Chica is right in the middle of Sunset and Huntington! This and the Banana Republice Outlet were definitely the best finds of my week, dare I say the best finds of my time here so far. Side note over.* So we finally get to Huntington with enough time for Melanie and I to play in the water for a little bit. It was really fun. The water was so cold but we just got used to it and it ended up being totally worth it. The rest of the night entailed some random beach houses, a taco restaurant that wouldn't make me a cheese quesidilla, an awesome firework show on the beach, followed by some incredible people watching at another random beach house party, and then of course I fell asleep in the backseat of the car on the ride home.

All in all, another great LA weekend. This city grows on me more and more everyday. I'm excited for next weekend because either I'll spend a day at the pool at my apartment for the first time or I'll be trying out another beach. Either way, it has the making of a great weekend all over it.