Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Quick Update

So I keep thinking I need to update this with my new life here in LA, but I just can't bring myself to spend the time doing it right now. But I'll briefly mention the big stuff.

  • The job's great. Really nice people and the work is good. Working full-time at a legit job is super tiring though! And it takes so much of my day just getting ready, driving to work, working, then driving home.
  • The ward is cool. I just hate being the new girl. But I just need to meet more people and I'm sure I like that too.
  • I LOVE my apartment. The area's great! Haven't been to the beach yet which kinda sucks, but I've made it to the pool the last 2 Saturdays.
  • I've started reading Hunger Games - SO GOOD!
  • I saw Inception last weekend - ALSO SO GOOD!
  • George is still going strong.
  • I made my study schedule for the CPA exam. I take the first exam the beginning of October and the final one the end of February. I can manage that right?!
  • I keep having fairly inappropriately timed laugh attacks. I always love them, but just wished they were better timed.
  • Also my oldest niece Bella called me today. So cute! Love that girl!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Shakey Start


Today was not only my first day of work at PWC, but it was also my first earthquake since moving out here. Both experiences were not as bad as I may have anticipated.

Work this morning was pretty fun for a first day. It was great to see so many of my internship friends and the OC office met in LA today so Emma and I had a sleepover and drove to work together. And the commute was not as bad as I was expecting, it only took like 35 minutes to get to work and maybe like 20 or so to get home. Not bad at all.

Then after work, Emma and I came back to my apartment and were just hanging out in my room for a bit, which is even bigger than I had anticipated and I love it! I was playing on my computer which had just arrived at my apartment after being in the shop for the second time when all the sudden I realized my bed was shaking. I couldn't figure out if it was some construction outside or a moving floor or something so after shaking for a bit I finally mentioned to Emma that I thought my bed was shaking and she said that her chair had been shaking and she was wondering what was causing that too. Then like 2 seconds later we started seeing a bunch of peoples facebook status talking about the earthquake that hit down south. Crazy huh?!

Anyways, I really do love it out here all ready. It is weird thinking I'm not going back to Provo and that when everyone starts classes again in the fall I'll just still be going to work. But I think I'm really going to love it out here. I'm looking forward to getting in a routine and learning the area better and going to the beach.

Oh, and most importantly, George is doing great. I think he really likes it out here and is happy to get back in my room and not banished to the kitchen table.

Well I guess that's enough of the adventures of G & G (Genna & George) in LA for now.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Well Utah, It's been great but I'll be seeing ya

That's right, the time has finally come and I leave tomorrow morning for Los Angeles. Now that it's here I'm really excited and just ready to be there and get all unpacked and situated in my new apartment. Then work starts on Wednesday and as un-fun as work can be I am kinda excited to get started and see where things go.

It's the beginning of a whole new chapter of my life. The last chapter, my "college days" chapter, was amazing and I have so many amazing memories and friends that I'm going to cherish as I move on. I'm looking forward to new friends, new opportunities, and new possibilities.

For tomorrow I'm hoping for a nice, smooth, and safe trip to Santa Monica and that George and I will get there in good time. Fingers crossed!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Bye Bye Blonde

What a shocker right? Ok, so not so much. But yes, I am going back to dark hair. It's just going to be easier to keep up since I won't be going home as much now that I'm becoming a real adult. And for the sake of my hair I will be staying dark for the next while. Once I get it dark and pretty the goal will be to get it healthy and long again. So pretty much my hair will be the bain of my existence for the next few years I'm guessing.

In other news,

I saw Eclipse today - and it was sooooooo good!! So I'm totally team Edward, which may come as a surprise since I'm in love with brown/black boys, but I just can't help myself, R-Pats does it for me. TMI probably, but it's true. So everyone should go see Eclipse cuz not only is it WAY better than the first 2 movies, it's just so good in general. My only complaint was that Emmet, who I normally think is so hot, looked kinda stupid/weird in this movie, but other than that I'm a big fan.

Lastly, 3 days from now I'll be going to bed in my new apartment in LA. SO WEIRD!!