Sunday, June 19, 2011

World's Best Dad

Although many may think they have the best dad in the world, they are all mistaken because I actually do. And in case there was any doubt I've complied the following as proof of how great my Dad actually is.

My Dad has always been there for me and there supporting me. I remember one of my last years in Super Steppers (a drill team I danced with for 8 years between preschool and 9th grade) we had one of our big performances and it happened to fall on the same day as my sister's high school cheer tryouts. My Mom stayed home to be there for my sister and my Dad came with me to watch me dance and support me. I'm sure there were plenty of other things he would have rather done that night, but he came to be there for me. At the time I was so upset my mom wasn't coming (even though now I totally realize she should have stayed home with my sis) that I'm pretty sure I was in such a bad mood that I never even thanked my Dad for coming. I've thought about that night so many times throughout the years. That was just one of the many times my Dad was there to watch me dance or cheer or compete. He always supported me then and continues to supports me now.

Some of my favorite childhood memories with my Dad involve water and swimming. My Dad is the best back floater I've ever seen. Get him in water and he'll just lay back and chill there forever. As kids this always turned into a little game for us. When he would lay on his back his stomach would stick out of the water and we'd try to sit on top of it like it was a hill or something. But then every time once we'd start to get up he would roll and roll and roll in the water like a log. And just like that it became a very challenging game that would occupy us in the water for a long time.

Some other favorite water memories happened at the beach. Another skill my Dad has is body surfing. This has led to a lot of times playing in the waves in the ocean. I love diving through the waves and just hanging out in the water waiting for a good wave to ride. I also love swimming really far out in the water with my Dad. We swim really far out and then catch waves back in. Whether we are diving through, ducking under, or waiting to catch a wave it's always a great time with my Dad!

When I was a kid my Dad commuted back and forth to California for work. One week during the summer I got to go with him and stay at my grandma's house in LA while he was working. I remember feeling so special being able to go with him. During the day I played with my grandma, usually Blackjack, and then each day we'd make a special dinner or treat that my Dad liked and have it ready for when he got back from working. That trip meant so much to me and I really cherish these memories.

Regardless of anything else, I think I could win this whole argument of having the best dad just by talking about all he's done with me and my car. Not only has he always been there to check my oil and my tires, but if there is any issues with radiators or fan belts he's my go to guy. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. After a plethora of car problems we thought we finally had my Neon fixed and good to go. After spending a weekend in St. George it was time to head back up to Provo and spend the summer working before my sophomore year of college. I had only made it close to Beaver, Utah before my car overheated and died on me. After freaking out and trying to figure out how I was going to get back up to Provo, move into my new apartment, and get to and from work everyday I called my Dad who quickly came to my rescue. Not only did he come meet me on the side of the freeway, but he moved all my bags from my car to his, tossed me his keys, and sent me on my way. Then he spent the rest of the day sitting with my car on the side of the road waiting until my brother-in-law was able to get a trailer and drive up and pick him and my car up much later in the afternoon. And while he worked on my car for the following few months I drove around the truck he had recently bought himself and never heard any frustrations or complaints from him. But of course it doesn't stop there. After my internship in LA I was driving back to Utah with a completely packed full car when my tire popped and I flew off the freeway and landed 30 feet into the desert sand near Barstow, CA. After I tried to compose myself, I called my Dad and once he made sure I was ok, he tried to calm me down and walk me through the next steps. After our phone call, in classic hero fashion, my Dad (and Mom) hopped in their car and drove the 4 hours to where I was and picked me up. While he never said anything about the inconvenience it was to rescue me all those times I still get a phone call whenever he drives past the areas and he gives me a little friendly reminder of how much I owe him.

In addition to all the great memories I have of my Dad, it is his character that makes him so amazing. My Dad is one of the most hardworking people I know. No matter how hard life is on him or how many great opportunities don't work out he never quits. He wakes up every day and continues on. It also amazes me how much he sacrifices not just for me, but for my entire family. He'll give up anything in order to help his family or get them where they want to be. It's always funny when I hear my friends talk about their loud and strong-willed dads because mine couldn't be any more the opposite. He is so quiet and gentle and kind. Definitely the strong, silent type. I can hardly think of more than a handful of times where he's gotten mad or complained.

Another quality I've admired in him is his constant faith and commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Without any questions or hesitation he goes to church on Sundays, fulfills his calling no matter how big or how small, magnifies his Priesthood, and taught me that as long as you're doing what's right it doesn't matter what else happens. Do what's right and it will all work out in the end.

On a lighter note, my Dad always makes me laugh when he tells stories or jokes. They tend to be long and delivered a bit slowly but you can always see how much enjoyment he gets from sharing them. I love when I'm at home visiting and I get the chance to just hop in the car with my Dad when he runs to put gas in the car or grab something from the grocery store. It's so nice to get those few one-on-one moments with my Dad.

When I was in Elementary School I had a paper route. Every day after school I'd rush home and deliver the paper, but on weekends the papers went out in the mornings. On Sunday mornings my dad would help us out to get it done quicker. Once we had all the newspapers folded we'd load them in the back of his station wagon and while I rode on the back flap that had been laid down he'd drive slowly through the neighborhood as I threw the newspapers to the various houses. I was always so happy when he'd help out, especially on really cold mornings!!

Another favorite childhood memory involves spending time at my Dad's apartment in CA. Since he was commuting back and forth so much between St. George, where we lived, and Southern California, where his business was, it ended up costing less to get just a little apartment in CA instead of staying in hotels every week. During the summers the whole family would take trips to California and stay at my Dad's apartment. Since it was only a one bedroom, all the kids would camp out in sleeping bags in the living room while my parents had the bedroom. While these trips were full of crazy antics the thing that sticks out the most is what was always stocked in the kitchen. In the cabinet was a huge container of Tang and there was always Spam in the fridge. Weird I know, but whenever I think about that and it always brings a smile to my face.

This post is starting to get a bit wordy so the last few memories I'm gonna kinda rattle off quickly.

My Dad is a great person to sit next to at church because he tends to have lifesavers in his pocket... which he shares!

Although my Dad acts like he hates our pets it's cute seeing him go out in the garage and play with our cat, even with his allergies.

My Dad is a really good cook! His chicken recipe is delicious and so is his brisket! I love and miss home cooked meals made by my Dad.

My Dad started this thing we would do at the beginning of FHE called compliments. Basically someone in the family starts by picking someone else and paying them a compliment or just like thanks them for something they did during the past week. For example I would say, "I want to compliment Mom for making my bed so nicely for me." Next it would be Mom's turn to pick someone and compliment them. Then you go around the family and each person can only be complimented once so you pick until everyone has been complimented for something they did that week. This was always funny when people were fighting but had to come up with something to compliment the other person about. Nothing like a great long pause. But this was always one of my favorite parts of FHE.

Lastly I just want my Dad to know how much I love him and am so grateful that he is still here with us. It's been over 2 years since my Dad was diagnosed with kidney cancer. That was such a hard time and while surgery wasn't a perfect fix I'm just so grateful that he is as healthy as he is and I am so lucky to have him as my Dad. I couldn't have asked for anyone better!

I love you Dad!!

Thank you for everything you've done for me!

You really are the best Dad ever!

And the winner is...


Although it wasn't one of the initial choices I just kinda started calling him by that name and so far there have been no complaints. So Franklin it is. And after a few touch a go days in the beginning where I thought he might try to kill himself (luckily those times are behind us) he seems to be adjusting well and is enjoying his new environment.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Meet my new roommate!

His name is still undecided although I have some ideas.

My favorite right now is Calvin, Cal or Vinny for short.
Other options are Malcolm, Marlyn (Lyni for short), or Barnaby.

Any feedback would be appreciated, and feel free to suggest another name. Thanks!!