Saturday, November 24, 2012

Life of a single girl

Two recent and funny stories about the adventures of a single working girl (the business professional kind - not the hooker kind).

A week ago when I was signing the deed for my new house the deed read as follows, "Genna Mugleston, an unmarried woman ..." No joke. I started laughing and of course making jokes about it when I saw that. Nothing like having your singleness permanently recorded.

Then today while cleaning the carpets at my new house the guy turns to me out of the blue and goes "So long have you been married?" I let out a little laugh and told him I wasn't married and he goes "oh then I need to find someone to set you up with." Note that I'd never met this man before this morning. The take away from this story is that even strangers are starting to feel the need to help me find a date. Lovely.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Seriously? Seriously?????

You know what I love..... The only time I run into the one guy I find attractive is after I've spent the last 12 hours painting and cleaning my new house, while wearing ugly/unflattering sweats that I didn't care if I got paint on, and with yesterday's hair and whatever makeup made it through last night and didn't get rubbed off this morning. Oh and don't worry I was also wearing slippers that still had pieces of old wallpaper stuck to the bottom of them. And in between the capri sweats and slippers were some super sexy hair legs. Awesome. #single4life