Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thanks Lifetime

My Sister's Keeper is hands down one of the saddest movies ever. Thanks for the sob fest Lifetime.

One if the things I miss about life in LA

A few years back I started going to the movies by myself and realized how much I loved going to them solo. In LA it was so easy to just run up to the AMC on Santa Monica Blvd whenever I wanted to see a new movie. I could pop in and out of the theater without running into anyone I knew and just enjoy a nice little outing. Now that I'm back in St. George that's all gone. I think I've only been to two movies in the past 7 months I've been here - which is insane since I used to see like 2 a month. Today I attempted to go see Pitch Perfect but I chickened out and never even got out of my car. After seeing a few people I knew in the parking lot and seeing how crowded the theater looked I longed for the days of anonymity. While I've really loved being back in St. George and enjoying a simpler life here and being able to spend more time with my family (especially the nieces and nephews) there are always things I'll miss about life in LA and today was another reminder of that.

So, the solution to the problem..... Time to plan a trip!!