Tuesday, June 30, 2009

LA Updates

Tomorrow is July 1st. Can you believe that?! This means that I have officially completed my first month of my internship. How crazy is that! Time has flown by so fast.

Since there's been so much that has happened I'm going to just give a quick and fairly basic rundown on my life the past month.
  • Every Saturday for the past 3 Saturday's I've been going to the beach. First Oceanside, then Santa Monica, and then Zuma. (I think Santa Monica was my favorite even though everyone in LA talks about how disgusting it is. I really hate Zuma though. The sand and water are covered in seaweed. It is sooooooooo gross!! Plus it took forever to get there. The only cool thing about Zuma was the drive back because we [I made Emma come up from Irvine to go with me] drove through Malibu canyon through Calabasas and it was so pretty. I love seeing parts of CA that look like that!)
  • I have been to some of my favorite food places: Pat & Oscars, The Old Spaghetti Factory, Yogurtland (my new found love!), In'N'Out, and of course Little Caesars.
  • For at least a week straight I went to the hot tub after work and sat in the hot tub and read my book (The Work & the Glory - volumes 7 & 8 - I'm obsessed!)
  • I've been to Downtown Disney twice (they have the best jewelry store in Downtown Disney. I'm obsessed with it! Also I love the movie theater they have there) and Universal's City Walk once.
  • I've seen some great movies (Up, The Proposal, Land of the Lost, & Year One - The Proposal was hands down the best. I freaken love that movie!)
  • I went to a cute little cafe off Sunset Blvd called Bourgeois Pig. It has a cute backroom that looks like the woods with trees and shrubby pillows. It's really cute and mellow.
  • On the way to church on Sunday I drive down a street that leads straight to the LA temple. It is sooo pretty. And it looks especially cool at night. The LA temple is huge!
  • I'm starting to figure out LA. It took a while to learn where things are and how to get there but with my first paycheck I bought a GPS and it was one of the best purchases of my life.
  • Work is so tiring! I never realized how tiring working 8:30-5:30 everyday is. Luckily I live really close to the office so I don't spend very much time commuting. I usually get rides in the morning and then walk home at the end of the day (sometimes I get rides home but I only live a mile from the office so the walk isn't bad at all).
I'm sure there's been more that's happened but it's late and of course I'm tired. My mom told me today that I need to start taking a daily vitamin, so although I'm not a huge vitamin fan I think I'm gonna start taking them starting tomorrow.

*Also, as a side note. I am sooooo tired of my current hair situation. This is what my hair looks like now
and this is what I want my hair to look like again.
Hair school girls of America tell me what you think I should do to get back to this color. So currently I'm at a level 3 in demi permanent color sync and I want to be like a 6 with blonde highlights. What's the best plan of action? Bleach cap? Color stripper? Shave my head? I need your help to figure this situation out!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


There are sooo many things that have happened since my last post. First of all I finally moved to LA!!! After talking about it for so long the time finally came for it to happen! Of course it was kinda scary moving somewhere so different all by myself but I'm definitely glad I did! I moved there last Friday and my sister, Michele, cam up from Temecula to help me move into my new place. I live in downtown, less than a mile away from my office. The apartment building itself it pretty nice but the surrounding area is a little sketch. Sunday night my roommate and I watched a guy standing on the corner trying to figure out if he was waiting for a drug deal or something to go down. Unfortunately after standing pretty confidently for a while a car drove by that must have spooked him and he hurried to his car and drove off in a different direction. It was pretty interesting!!

My first few days in LA involved, lots of unpacking and trying to organize/reorganize, walking around downtown with Chel & Mia trying to find my office building, being really really sick (killer food poisoning) but still going on a way cool hike in the mountains, sleeping over 12 hours one night (the night I was really sick), a sweet cookie party at the apartment down the hall, getting completely lost every time I go outside, and lots of meeting new people.

On Monday my new roommate, Melanie, drove me to the airport to catch my plane for Georgia. I ended up sitting next to a girl on that plane that was a new intern too, and guess what .... we are practically bffs now cuz not only did we sit by each other on the plane but then we were roommates at the hotel, in the same office, and in the same group at the training and back in LA. It's pretty sweet.

Well class (training) is about to start again, so I gotta go!