Friday, February 24, 2017

It Was Time

In case you didn't notice, my blog got a bit of a face-lift today! About time right?!

So now instead of looking like a 4 year old made it, it looks like a 12 year old did.

Just kidding!

That's an insult to 12 year olds everywhere who are way more computer/blog savvy than I am. :)

Anyways, hope whoever sees this likes the new look and new lists along the side!

27 Days

Yesterday I learned someone had googled me and found my blog. That made me smile for two reasons. First, because with a name like Genna Mugleston I’m not hard to find. There is and, I feel confident in saying this, will only ever be one Genna Mugleston (especially if you throw in the spelling and pronunciation of my middle name, but there’s no need to get into that now). And the second reason is because aside from possibly three former college roommates and maybe my mom once a year, I never figure anyone is looking at my blog. But alas, someone new found it. And realized some things we have in common (SkyWest & living in Texas) so that was cool. I also like that she wasn’t too embarrassed to admit that she’d googled me and found/read my blog. That’s totally something I do to people (admit the weird ways I know stuff about them) so that was fun to be on the other end of one of those conversations.

The whole point of that was to say that yesterday I was reminded that I have a blog. :)

I had a lot more free time at work when I was in Texas therefore I updated the blog much more often than I ever have before. Now that I’m back in SG and back to a super full workload, the time to blog isn’t high on my priority list. But I will try to be better. Starting now.


Hello, my name is Genna and I’ve been sober for 27 days.
       “Hi Genna”

(I hope you instinctively said that without me having to write it for you. We’ve all seen AA/NA meetings on TV. [Or in real life. No judgement here. :)])

That’s right. I’ve stayed away from the juice for 27 whole days now.

And by “juice” I mean Dr. Pepper as I am a total Mo-Mo (Mormon) and have never even tasted a sip of alcohol. 

Game time – guess how much weight I’ve lost in the last 27 days of not having anywhere from 32-88 ounces of Dr. Pepper each day?? Not a single pound. Lol

You always hear stories of people giving up soda and losing weight. Yeah, my life/body doesn’t work like that. I anticipate that in the year I am off soda I will lose zero weight attributed to the absence of all those calories.

But I think what surprised me even more during these past 27 days is how my food intake has changed as well. I’ve never been a healthy eater (shocker, I know), but after giving up soda I haven’t thought to myself, “You know what would make a great dinner tonight… a ton of Dr. Pepper water and a full can of Sour Cream & Onion Pringles.” Because yes, that has happened. More times than I should admit. Nowadays it’s a lot less junk food and more actual meals. Which is better all around. But in that sense I am a little surprised I haven’t seen any weight loss in the last 4 weeks. But oh well, so goes life.


It’s been a while, so let me throw in a few other items that have been happening lately.

I found another blog that I’m fairly obsessed with (technically I found it while I was living in Texas, but I’ve recently been revisiting it). The blog is Cliff notes version: There’s a beautiful red-headed husband and wife with 5 little kids (all 6 years old & younger) not all the kids have red hair believe it or not. :) She started this blog years ago and she would post hair tutorials, music playlists, fancy pictures, and stuff like that. (That was prior to me finding the blog, but I’ve heard mentioning of the earlier days before everything changed.) Then life happened. Her young, strong, handsome husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer and after 18 months of fighting the disease, he ultimately lost his battle. It’s all extremely heartbreaking. I have sobbed many times reading her blog and looking at the pictures. But as sad as it is to see the pictures and read her words (lots of personal flashbacks happening #ihateyoucancer #dadswithcancer) I think she shares some really great perspective when it comes to dealing with tragedy. And how grief becomes a part of you. Always there. But you find a will to keep going and try to keep having hope. I was even more impressed when I found out just this week that she was 25. Which means she startled this horrible life changing phase at 23 with 4 little kids and I believe she was pregnant with kid number 5 when it all started. I can’t imagine having that much strength and composure at 25. It’s all very impressive. Anyways, check it out if you feel so inclined.

Back to my life. :) So a few weeks back I started taking a tap dance class. I saw the Rockettes perform when I was in NYC in December and was super inspired. Plus I’ve always loved dancing and have missed being involved in dance/performing. So I started taking this weekly class…. with my mom. It’s us and a bunch of young teenagers. Needless to say we stand out. lol I am loving it though. That’s my favorite day of the week. And I even went so far as to order a little dance floor off Amazon so I can turn one of the spare bedrooms in my house into a dance room where I can practice and get better at tap. Should I admit now that the floor was delivered almost 2 weeks ago but I haven’t gotten around to setting it up yet? Even though I also went out and bought some other stuff to really make it an awesome dance room? In my defense, I did finally open the boxes up last night and spread all the different pieces of the floor out across my living room, so I’m making some progress. Once I get it all set up maybe I’ll post some pictures on here. But like... don’t hold your breath. :)

My boss told me I don’t fit the mold for a tax accountant. That made me very happy. I like being unique and not what you’d expect.

My fish, Tad Cooper, has been on the brink of death for 4+ months now. But he just won’t give up. And that’s making me pretty happy. We were talking about him in the little CTR4 primary class I teach on Sundays and the cute little kids (4 year olds) asked me to bring in a picture of him next week. So I’ll have to do that.

Ok that’s plenty for now. No need to overdo it on my first post back in a while. So whoever googles me next and finds this blog, I hope you enjoy it. :)