Monday, May 17, 2010

Picture Update

It's been so long and some pretty big things have happened since my last post so I thought this would be a more entertaining way to update things. Here we go.

I awkwardly walked across a stage

And waved at my family.

I took a picture with some fellow Master friends.

I tried to convince my professor to come to my birthday party next year.

I signed my name on a basketball floor - clearly having issues with my last name

Then took a picture of my head and the signature.

I rang a Bell for Victory.

These guys were there to cheer me on

So were these ones.

Made these people proud, like always.

Let Joey be taller than me for a change (you're welcome brother)

I posed with my 2nd home

And took the classic BYU graduation photo.

Then I felt it was time to show some leg

And get Mom in on the action.

I saw my favorite animals at the zoo

And snuck into a picture of Landri.

I loved this Chubby.

I rode a Rhino

And almost fell off.

Bonded with family

And took a puppy for a walk.

We took a picture of the single girls

But then I found love.

Then rounded out the day with a ride on a tiger.

I played Legos

With this crazy girl.

Then we had a mini photo shoot.

We made this face

Then this one

And even this

Then we held hands.

This girl was baptized

So we took a picture with some strange brown man.

I went on a road trip with this weirdo

And some sleeping crazies.

See I was there too, awkward as always.

I buried this one in the sand

Then celebrated with Chubby.

I spent my days with these people.

Someone stole my sunglasses...

More hands were held.

Someone bought the same sunglasses as me.

One face was painted

And then another.

I took another picture with my sis.

Boys snuggled

Then showed some leg

And siblings cuddled.