Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh yeah I guess other stuff has happened...

Do you like how after not posting for months I finally write on here and it's a product placement? So alright I guess I'll try to catch you up on my life for the past 3 months in the best way I know how.... bullet points! With the exception of the first item which is clearly the biggest, most important, and best thing that's happened, the following are in no particular order.

  1. I went through the St. George, Utah temple and received my endowment on Monday, December 27, 2010!! For anyone reading this who's not sure what this means, click HERE and read all about it! Not gonna lie, my first time was EXTREMELY overwhelming. I knew what I was doing was right and good, but it was a lot to take in. It took me about 2 days to replay everything that happened over and over again in my mind and this is the conclusion I came to. I love the temple. You can be having the most stressful day and you go into a session and all that stress and worry disappears. The spirit there is so strong and it is so incredibly easy to feel the love our Heavenly Father has for us. Needless to say, it was such an amazing experience and I'm kind of obsessed with the temple now. With the exception of like 2 weeks I think I've been able to attend the temple at least once a week since I went through in December. I've gone through sessions at the St. George temple (my 1st & 2nd time during Christmas break), the Oquirrh Mountain Temple once while out in Provo for work with Nicole Walker & Rachelle Gleason (love and miss you guys like crazy!), and then the gorgeous LA temple many times. I'm looking forward to attending the San Diego, Salt Lake, Newport Beach, and really every temple I possibly can! Now on to the less serious stuff.
  2. I bought furniture affirming the fact that I am now a full fledged adult. Granted the furniture is from IKEA but still it's a big deal. I can no longer just pack up my car and move. I need movers or something. Crazy huh!
  3. Going perfectly along with #2 is that I bought a bed! Anyone who really knows me knows I have a hard time committing to certain things including big purchase items. Buying a bed was a huge deal for me. I went to at least 6 furniture stores trying out a ton of beds, researched a bunch of reviews online, and then when I still couldn't decide I ended up sleeping on a bed of blankets for about a week until I was finally able to pick and have a bed delivered and let me tell you I LOVE MY BED. It is so comfortable I never want to leave it. I literally make people come in my room and try it out that's how comfortable it is. And when I'm at hotels now I just want to be back in my bed it's seriously that comfy! Oh and for those who may be wondering why I'm just now buying furniture when I've lived in LA for like 7 months it's because the spot I took was for my roommate from my intern summer out here who was getting married and moving to London for a semester and wanted to leave her stuff here while she was gone. A perfect situation for me, but yeah that's why I waiting till now to buy stuff.
  4. Work.... I do it too much. We're smack dab in the middle of busy season and this week was crazy. I worked 70 hours this week, 14 of those being on Saturday! I know there are many many people who work way more hours than that, but let me tell you I seriously don't know how they do it. There were multiple days that literally all I did was work and sleep those days. Yay for me it all starts again tomorrow :/
  5. George died. :( My favorite fish ever passed away shortly before Christmas. I know it's corny but I was seriously so sad! If you've been lucky enough to meet George you know how much I cared and protected that fish. Anyways, he is deeply missed. RIP George.
  6. My family came out here 2 weeks ago for my niece Taia's 4th birthday which we celebrated at Disneylad. We had so much fun!! I'm so obsessed with my nieces and nephews. My chubby buddy (Khyri) was so much fun! Towards the end of the day at Disneyland I took Khyri and the two of us got on the Merry-go-round and rode it 3 times without getting off. He didn't want to leave it. Kruzzi (Kruz) was so dang cute! He is the happiest baby ever (almost all the time) and I love chanting his name cuz when I do he gets so excited and smiley. And of course my little Monster (Taia) that girl kills me! She's so spastic and funny and I accidentally taught her the word douche. Oops. I did have fun hearing her parents explain why that word was too grown up for her even those she is a big girl. haha it's fun being the aunt.
  7. I have developed a fairly serious eyelid twitch that wont go away. It is actually twitching right this very moment as I'm writing this. Ya know what, I'm gonna google it right now and see why it's doing that. Ok, googled it and either I'm sleep deprived and stressed or I have a neurological disorder. I guess I hope is the former. It's normally just the right eye but sometimes the left one gets in on it too. The worst is when they both start going crazy at the same time. Whenever I show my roommate the twitching she tries punching me in the face. I figure it's an attempt to scare my eye to behave or something, but really it's just coming off as attempted roommate abuse. I do not approve.
Well, a lot of other stuff happened but I'm getting super tired right now and just keep thinking about how soon the morning will be here and I'll have to go to work so I think that's enough for one night. And tell you what, I try posting more than once every 3 months, deal? Deal. (Yeah I just made a deal with myself like a crazy person, but it's my blog and I'll do what I want.)

My new favorite thing

So after working 14 hours yesterday, (yep that's right 14 hours on a Saturday) my face was just feeling awful. Like dead skin cells just hanging on needing to be scraped off. Gross I know. So I decided on the way home I'd stop at the store and pick up one of these babies.And let me just tell you. This is one of the best purchases I've made in a long time. I HIGHLY recommend it. Not only is it effective in cleaning your face but it's also super relaxing. It has 2 different speeds, a fast one to maximize cleaning and a slower one to massage and I'm obsessed! I got it last night and I've already used it twice. So moral of the story, go buy this product cuz I love it and you will too.

(I should totally get an endorsement deal from this post. Just saying.)