Sunday, January 22, 2012

My first project of 2012

I decided 2012 is going to be a great year. To help make sure this statement is true I've decided to take on 3 projects this year. So far I've only thought of what the first 2 of these projects will be and I'm letting the next 6 months or so help me come up with my last project.

With January quickly coming to a close, I've decided it's time to start my first 2012 project. Some of you may remember a Christmas project I made for my family a few years ago. It was a quote a day calendar, with quotes from the modern day prophets & apostles (what's that?) and each month has a different gospel topic (gratitude, repentance, revelation, knowledge, womanhood, faith, prayer, scriptures, forgiveness, family, charity, Jesus Christ). While this project was quite overwhelming at times I've decided to do it again.....kinda.

When I came up with the quote a day idea for that project I also wanted to do a scripture a day calendar, I know, such a fresh and unique idea right? :) Well, it's now 2012 and I'm finally going to make it happen! So here's the game plan, I'm going to incorporate the scripture mastery scriptures (huh?) but let's have some fun with this....

If you'd like to be involved, add a comment below this post with your favorite scripture from any of the 4 standard works (Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, Old Testament, & New Testament) and also include your date of birth. Then I'll put your favorite scripture on your birthday!

Now don't let this game stop you from adding multiple scriptures you like, I mean I do have to come with 265 more scriptures after the scripture mastery ones. Just put your date of birth next to your most favorite one. And if you're a frequenter of my blog you may remember that I've mentioned this before so if you responded then please respond again under this post just to keep it all in one place.

As you can image this project will take some time, so if you happen to see this post weeks from now, you can still totally play along!

Let the game begin!