Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brother's Birthday Celebration

Two weekends ago I was in St. George visiting the family and on Saturday night we drove down to Mesquite, Nevada to meet up with my oldest brother and go to dinner for his birthday. After dinner we went over to the Virgin River Casino and went bowling. It was so fun. Ryder and Taia were running around everywhere and I was bowling pretty well. Taia and I played with the air that comes out of the machine and she even helped Amber push a ball down the lane. When we were done Taia and I made a game out of returning the shoes. It was so cute! She would grab someone's shoes and then follow me to the return counter where I'd lift her up and then the man behind the counter would say thanks and she'd run back to the group to grab more shoes until they were all taken back. Then Jon and I started like wrestling in the middle of the bowling alley. After a little while of wrestling we decided we should probably leave before security guards came and on the way out of the bowling alley we passed a security guard. I wish there were more pictures, but after we took a bunch of random pictures at dinner the batteries in the camera died, so there are no pictures of bowling which is sad.Only pictures of the parents.

So cute!

She loves me
Me and my sister
Yeah, this is my brother. He's special.
Mike, Dannielle, and Ryder (aka Rydie)
She was struggling with looking at the camera.
I love this boy.
Scared, cuz Mike was freaking her out
This is what he was doing.
Her and Mike are perfect for each other.
I am his favorite.This was the funniest thing to watch happen. Ryder's head is huge and so when he was falling asleep it was start to lean one direction and then it was so heavy it would make his entire body fall over and then he'd wake up for a second until it all happened again. So cute and sad!
Taia wanted to have pictures taken of her too
So she decided to pretend to be asleep too.

Pumpkin Carving Time!

So this week for FHE we carved pumpkins. Nicole and I shared a pumpkin and when it came to my side I couldn't think of what to do. Luckily I had been working on a homework assignment for my tax research class right before FHE and so this awesome idea popped into my head.

Maybe it is to make us feel better about our nerdy major, but our teacher always tells us that tax is sexy. One day when we are in a room full of executives and they are all looking to us for an answer on their taxes we will realize how sexy it is to be the only one is the room that knows the answer.
A classic girl and her pumpkin picture
During the impromptu photo shoot I dropped the pumpkin. Rookie mistake.
Possible Halloween costume?
This isn't weird at all.