Monday, June 28, 2010

Phase 1 of the Move - Complete

So about 4 hours later than I initially said I was leaving, I finally managed to drive away from Provo. Let's be real though, we all know that when I say I'm leaving at noon really that means I'm leaving around 3 or 4, which is what I did. So yeah, typical.

I'm extremely happy to report that George (my fish) has made it through the first part of the big move to LA. He got a little stressed out on the drive to St. George which of course stressed me out, but I think we'll both be fine.

More updates to come.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

"I know that love isn't enough. That you have to cherish the people you love, that saying I love you isn't ever enough, that you have to show that love each and every day, even when life threatens to get in the way."

-From the book The Other Woman by Jane Green

Blank Walls

I spent another couple of hours last night packing. I now have all under my bed cleared out, everything out of my closet except my clothes and shoes, my movies packed, the desk drawers cleared out, and all the decorations from the walls & shelves have been taken down. I've decided I really like packing, not moving, just packing. I like going through my stuff and seeing what I have then boxing it up. The idea of having to load up my dad's truck and my car don't sound like fun but I like the part I'm doing now. It still kind of looks like I have a lot of stuff in my room, but most of it is stuff I can't pack till like the last day. Anyways, the time is winding down very quickly!

In other news, TODAY IS MY LAST DAY OF WORK IN PROVO! Crazy huh. I was supposed to be working tomorrow and Saturday, but I really didn't want to (dumb excuse I know). So now I'll have a few somewhat chill days to spend doing all those little last minute things... like get new tires. Oh you wanna hear that story, ok I'll tell you.

So yesterday I went to get my car serviced. Although I still had a few days and like 200 miles before is was scheduled to have the service I just had the time then and my tires were looking really low so I just went yesterday to get it done. Good thing I did cuz guess what, yeah I have a tire that's super bald. If anyone remembers my horrific car accident I had coming back to Utah after my summer in LA last year, where I flew off the freeway 30 feet into the desert, you know I'm really leery of flat/shredding tires. Needless to say I'll be getting a new tire like tomorrow. Don't worry, the story doesn't end there. So after the car flying incident last year I replaced 3 of my tires in August. Well apparently those tires are starting to look kinda bad as well. Not something you want to be told when having a repeat of last year is one of your biggest worries and you are a week out from making the same trip. Luckily I bought a warranty on the tires last year and I'm pretty sure tires are supposed to last a little longer than 10 months or 8,000 miles so I might be getting a couple of those tires replaced as well. We'll see.

Ok, this was supposed to be a little post just saying that today was my last day of work at my job here in Provo, clearly I've gone overboard.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The beginning of the end

I started packing last night!

So far I've only packed my blankets, hoodies, scarfs, textbooks, side table stuff, and some decorations, but hey it's a start.

Packing is getting me really excited to move because it's like the time is finally here! The crazy thing is the rest of my time in Provo is pretty booked, which is going to make the next 5 days go by even faster.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Last Week

The time has finally arrived, and this is my last week in Provo. Doesn't it feel like I've been talking about moving forever?!

Everyone keeps asking if I'm so excited to be moving and of course I am. How could I not be. But I'm feeling like every other possible emotion as well. I'm nervous, apprehensive, worried, happy, sad, optimistic, relieved, etc.

Housing worked out perfectly (at least the LA part. I still haven't been able to sell my contract here in Provo, so I'll be paying rent in Provo & LA for July & August which totally sucks!) and I'll be moving straight to Santa Monica to live with my friend and roommate from last summer, Heather Hinton. I love that girl. She's such a great roommate and I'm really excited to live with her again. Also, my room in LA is HUGE!! And my other roommate from last summer whose spot I'm going to be taking over is going to leave all her furniture in the room for me to use. Her furniture is really cute and looks great in the room and works out perfectly since I don't have any furniture like at all. Let me explain why the room is so great and then I'll put up some of the pictures she sent me. First off, let me just say again that the room is huge. Anyone who has seen the size of my room in Canterwood knows that most rooms are bigger than my current one, but this one really is big. Then I not only have a nice, big walk-in closet but I also have a coat closet, in my room, that's all mine! Then there's the cute vanity/sink area, linen closet, and bathroom. Then on the patio of the apartment we have a hammock, how cute/fun/great is that?!! Still adding to the greatness is that the apartment complex has a gym, pool, and hot tub. Oh, and did I mention it's like maybe 10 miles from the beach. Yeah, I'm lucky and happy about where I'm moving to.

So the plan is to spend this week packing up my apartment, and boy do I have a lot of stuff to move! It's also my last week of work here and then trying to get together with friends before I go. Some of my friends are throwing me a Going Away party on Thursday night which will be really fun to get to see everyone again. I've made such good friendships the last 5 years and there are some people I will miss like crazy!

Then on Monday I'll move down to St. George. Originally I was just going to be there for like 2 days then go to LA on the 1st, but now I've decided to stay in St. George for the week and spend the 4th with my family. I love the 4th of July in St. George. We always have a BBQ then go watch the in town fireworks at the same spot of the part in the middle of town and then we go home and do our own fireworks. I love it. Then I'll just move down to Santa Monica on the 5th, get all unpacked and then have a day to relax before starting work on the 7th. And that is the play by play of my next two weeks.

Now for the pictures.....

These first ones are of my room. And I love the tree outside my window.
(Warning you will see 2 bras in these pictures. It's a girls room, what do you expect.)
Such a big bed!
Sadly the TV won't be staying
View from my bed of the other part of my room
The walk-in closet!
The coat closet
The hallway in my bedroom, yeah I have my own little hallway
First thing you see when you walk in my room
Hammock! How great is this?!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Let's talk

about speed limits.

Most of the time I'm not a huge fan and think they should be higher, but today was more frustrating than normal. I've noticed recently that people in Provo have decided to ignore speed limit signs and pick their own speeds. Normally I would be a big proponent of this type of behavior except that the new speeds being chosen are around 15 mile below the actual speed limit. So annoying!! Today was especially madening because on the other side of the road there were a bunch of people running a race or something. So of course people decided to not only stare at the runners going by but they also thought it was a good idea to go between 15-20 miles under the speed limit. I understand wanting to be cautious but we were on the other side of the road from them and there was another lane or two of traffic between my lane and the runners.

Moral of the story, drive the speed limit or faster or please just let me get around you. Thank you.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memory Lane

Since I have so much free time at work I decided to go back and read some of my earliest posts on here. It's so weird reading about all the things I've forgotten. And I found it interesting to see how I've changed and also all the ways I haven't changed at all since I started blogging. It's also kind of embarrassing to see all the spelling and grammar mistakes. Oh well, right?

All in all I quite enjoyed my little stroll down memory lane today. The end.

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