Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I've finally finished with all the tests based on the material I missed while I was on my fly-out and home for my dad's surgery. Thank goodness! I can finally relax and not feel like a total idiot!

Also, I have now been sick for over a week. It was the worst on Friday and every time I got out of bed even just for like 15 minutes I wanted to die. Now I'm just sick of going to bed and waking up coughing. Can I please be healthy again?!! Hopefully within the next couple days this stupid cold will be over! Also, it's totally jacked up my taste buds and even water has a weird taste to it, and - I know it's hard to believe - but even Dr. Pepper has tasted disgusting!! I've also had the nastiest voice! I sound retarded.

My parents were in town last weekend celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary. Congrats guys! 33 years is a long freakin time! Since I was so sick I couldn't really hang out with them cuz I didn't want to get out of bed and cuz my dad is still recovering from surgery, but I did get to see them for a little bit on Saturday. It was neat. Love the parents and the phone call my dad always gives me when we pass the area where my car broke down and he was my hero.

Amber sent me some new pictures of Khyri today. He is soooo stinkin cute and can sit up all by himself now. Man I love that little boy!

I can't wait for school to be over! I am so sick of studying or feeling guilty for not studying! I'm also sooooo sick of sitting through boring classes. Only one more year of school after this and I seriously can't wait to actually be done once and for all!

This post has been all over the place, but welcome to my life.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Preview of Summer!

Here are some pictures I took a couple of weeks ago while I was on the office visit in LA. The firm I'm signing with is PricewaterhouseCoopers! I love PwC! The people are so nice and the office is rad. My ears popped every time I rode to elevators up the their floors (I think their offices are on floor 44-51 or something like that. It's crazy!) They also have a sweet area in the middle of the plaza with a water show. There are also picture from the plane, my hotel room, and views from my hotel room window (I was on the 11th floor). The light building is the hotel and the glass one is the office building!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm so happy I could cry! ... and I kinda did.

Guess what...... I got the internship in LA!!!! I'm the luckiest person ever! First my dad kicks cancer's butt and then I get the internship of my dreams! Best 9 days ever!

As a disclaimer, I still hate Miley Cyrus, so don't take the fact that I added a song of hers onto my playlist to mean there's been a change with that. There hasn't. I just really like the song, not her!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Updates!

The surgery was last night and so we were at the hospital from 3 pm to about 12:30 am. The surgery went really well and the doctors feel very confident that they got all the cancer! So yay for that! There were some complications due to some heart problems we've found out about earlier in the week. So he had to spend last night in the ICU because of low blood pressure. He's been there all day, but has been off the blood pressure medicine (another milestone) and he's actually been off all painkillers since about 5 hours after the surgery, which is pretty crazy! He's a trooper though and it not only missing the kidney they removed, but they actually had to remove part of a rib to get to his kidney, and now he's just hanging out with zero pain meds. He's awesome! They are keeping him in the ICU again tonight, but mostly because of a shortage of beds in the other areas and plus it's just cool for him to get extra special treatment! So I've been spending most of my time at the hospital the last couple of days and that's the plan for the upcoming ones as well.