Saturday, February 13, 2010

This made me laugh for hours at work today!

My friend introduced me to this website today and I felt it was extremely important to pass it along. Here is one of my initial favorites, but the more I saw the harder it was to pick just one...

Different Strokes
Last we checked, being in a fraternity did not qualify as a talent.

I just want to dance

So last night I decided to have a Step Up marathon while I studied for some up coming tests. Mhmm I love Step Up! In addition to realizing again that Channing Tatum is sooo hot I also realized I really miss dancing. I grew up dancing. For any St. Georgian's out there I was one of those AMAZING Super Steppers for 8 years, starting in preschool and going till the end of 9th grade. (I took a little bit of a break for like 2 years where I took horseback riding lessons and danced and sang at a place called Encore for a little while, that was a mistake...) Then I cheered in high school, so needless to say dance used to be a significant part of my life. Last night I realized how much I miss it.

SO..... the conclusion is that I need to find somewhere here in Provo that offers a weekly hip/hop class or something.

Who wants to go with me?!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Art History class reminds me of gossip magazines: spending 10 minutes describing all the different aspects of a picture/work of art we can all obviously see with our own eyes.

Ex. "Here the girls is sitting largely in the sculture with 2 columns behind her" ..... well duh. I can see that without you explaining it to me like I'm blind.