Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Devil’s Tool (Better Late Than Never, Right?)

Disclaimer: I wrote this post last Thursday, March 9th. The day after getting my hair done. Plenty has changed since I wrote this so I will do a follow-up post, but I still figured I'd post this one. So just go back to last Thursday in your mind as you read this.

* * * *

So last night I spent 6.5 hours at the hair salon. Yes, you read that correctly. 6 ½ hours!!! Thankfully, while it did feel like a long time, it didn’t feel like THAT much time. At least it didn’t to me. My poor stylist may feel differently. *Ekk Face* (Where are the emoji’s when you need them.)

I don’t usually feel like I have thick hair. But every time I get it done I’m reminded that I in fact do have very thick, very coarse hair. Which was definitely the biggest contributor to the time spent there last night.

It also didn’t help that I slightly changed what I wanted within the 24 hours leading up to my appointment. To be fair, I texted my stylist a picture of the color I had found that I really like a week before my appointment to give her some time to think about it and possibly revise my time if needed/possible. However, I may have mentioned in that text that I wasn’t necessarily wanting a full head weave/color. It wasn’t until I was comparing pictures I loved versus ones I hated the night before my appointment that I realized I didn’t like the ones that weren’t full head coverage. See pics below.

Love this one (minus the dark roots)

Love this one!

Hate this one!

My "Before" Look
We started out bleaching my whole head. We did foils since I had different colors in it already that needed different timing for the bleach to pull it out. It took about 2 hours just to get my hair all up in foils. So that should have told us right then and there that it was going to be a long night. LOL And this was also the time my scalp starting burning, especially when she put the bleach directly on my head to make sure and bleach out all my natural roots. No pain, no gain right?

Then we washed out the bleach and my scalp was full on burning at this point. So sore and so sensitive. On the bright side I was left with this really gorgeous yellow blob of hair with some orange stripes through it. It looked, and felt, super great. #NOT!

Next up was a “quick” blow-dry (or not so quick since my hair takes forever to dry). Not gonna lie, this part almost brought me to tears. #wishiwaskidding My scalp was already so sore, but it hadn’t experienced the full extent of pain until this part, when the Devil’s tool came to play. What is that tool you ask? The cursed round brush. I’m pretty sure the bristles were made of broken shards of glass and that it was somehow knotting up my hair while simultaneously attempting to brush it out. I literally sat there with my eyes pressed shut trying to focus on making it through the pain. It’s not like the stylist was intentionally trying to kill me. Or maybe she was. We were like 4+ hours into it at this point.

The only positive that came out of that horrid experience was this lovely look that I had just long enough to snap some pics of while the red was getting mixed up.

Nothing like a screenshot of a Snapchat. lol
 At this point my scalp started to look like how it felt – like it was bleeding profusely. And, never one to miss a photo op, I captured this gem of McKenzie going full on kill mode on me. :)

That moment you realize your stylist is out to kill you :P

Finally the red was on and the end was near. It had to be by this point right?

One final rinse in cold water which momentarily felt very refreshing and then I was back in the chair trying to figure out a way to magically make my hair dry without a brush have to touch my head. I had a little reprieve thanks to the actual haircut portion of the night. And maybe it was the tiredness and giggles taking over, but thankfully this second round with the Devil wasn’t quite as painful. And just like that, 6.5 hours had gone by and I was officially a bright red head!

And then we had a photo shoot at the salon.

And maybe I had another one when I got home. Haha

I really hope this is true!


Erin Masi said...

LOVE the red hair!!! It looks amazing!!!!

Morgan said...

Love love love it!