Thursday, March 30, 2017

Beast Please

Last night I went and saw Beauty and the Beast at the movie theater. It was SO good!! I really loved every minute of it, but there were some things I found interesting and will now discuss here on my unofficial movie review/critique. *Warning, possible spoilers!*

Paris…. Or England?
I can’t be the only one who found it odd that they made it poignantly clear, over and over again, that this was France and she came from Paris. If that’s the case…. where did she get her British accent? Don’t get me wrong, I loved Emma Watson in this part and I don’t think her accent took anything away from the movie but just an interesting observation. She really was a perfect Belle though.

I had been listening to the soundtrack for the last few weeks so I’d heard all the actors singing before, but I must say, the one who surprised me the most was Gaston. I wasn’t a fan of his from just listening to the soundtrack, but I loved him in the movie. I thought he played that part so well and I was attracted to him while still thinking he would be torture to end up with. So, nailed it. I also liked his singing voice a lot better when hearing it along with seeing him acting it out. Not totally sure why that made a difference, but for me it did.

Oh LeFou. LeFou may just be my second favorite character, after Belle of course. He’s funny, self-aware of his clinginess and other flaws, and is a genuinely good friend. All the hoopla beforehand about their being a gay character is simply ridiculous (whether LeFou, Stanley, or both). Everything is so subtle that kids, and possibly some adults, are not even likely to know what’s happening. And when you do get it, it’s actually pretty funny. Also, any other New Girl fans out there, because I’m pretty sure every time LeFou came on the screen my mind instantly shouted “BEARCLAW!” Also I was hoping he’s break into the musical he and Jess created about woodland creatures. :)

Belle’s Mom
Ok, the part where Belle and the Beast went to Belle’s childhood home in Paris totally got me. I wasn’t expecting to cry, but I just couldn’t hold in the tears. It was such a sweet and heartbreaking moment. And it’s crazy to think that really used to happen back in the day when people were getting the plague. #thankyoumodernmedicine Also, that doctors mask… I really wish they would have kept the camera on that a bit longer. Why were they shaped like a bird’s beak?! Anyways, great and sad scene. Glad they included it.

Where’s the window coverings?
The castle must be constantly freezing with all those open and completely unobstructed windows. Also how weird was it that part of the “dungeon” was completely open. Sure it had a big drop off, but still… not the most secure way to lock someone up. Also am I the only one concerned about sleep walking and accidentally falling out of one of those openings? Or tripping and falling out of one? Or dropping things down them? Not that I’m super clumsy or anything, but crap happens. And what about when they have kids? That’s a lot of little gates to be putting up everywhere. :)

Did they feed her?
LOVED the Be Our Guest song/scene. They did such a great job recreating it and making it look so cool! But after everything they brought out it ends with her getting a little puddling cup? They’re kidding right? Give that girl a real meal!

Sporty or Sloppy?
I wasn’t a huge fan of that weird one-sided skirt tuck up thing Belle was doing. We get that’s she sporty and cool but it just made me think she’d gone to the restroom and gotten her skirt stuck in her underwear. I do kind of want a pair of the shoes she was wearing though. They looked comfy, cute, and very practical.

Really, that’s what she gets?
Don’t get me wrong. Dan Steven is a good looking guy. But you spend the whole movie falling for this big, strong, shaggy beast and all the sudden he’s this super clean guy who’s basically your same height/build. It’s not a diss on small guys. It happens, it’s not in their control. I get that. #shortguysneedlovetoo #justlikeuschubbygirls But come on, they had to know that’s not the look we were all expecting.

And then to make matters worse we go almost straight to a scene where he’s wearing high heels (customary dancing attire. I get that, but still. The dude is wearing heels.)? But, I mean, I’m glad Belle’s happy or whatever. :)

WOW, it really sounds like I have a bunch of harsh critiques of the movie. Haha But really none of these “observations” impacted my overall love for the movie at all. And I’m already thinking about when I can go see it again because I loved it that much! And listening to the soundtrack is more fun now too because I can recall the images from the movie and it makes it that much better! So, it’s safe to say I highly recommend Beauty and the Beast!

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